Saturday, May 4, 2013

Heat Lightning SWD event 3/30/13
At the Darlington event I was chosen for a free driver entry to the XDC event in Orlando.
Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it. 
I still have quite a few things I need to get before my car is XDC legal. 

KMS can't spell my last name right haha

I was also able to land a sponsorship with Live Green Tea Hawaii in the offseason.
They're a beverage company looking to support a team of different drifters from different states in the southeast region and I was chosen for one of the North Carolina spots.

It's awesome having outside companies that want to support drifters!

I went to a drivers day in Darlington SC with my girlfriend to get some seat time and shake down the new front suspension set up and get used to driving with a cage.

Steve Koss had me help set up the course for them which was pretty cool.

 The car felt awesome!
 I was able to get more angle than ever before.

So I was sitting at the start line and someone told me my car was leaking something.
I told him it was probably water since I had just put some in my coolant reservoir 
He said it was leaking pretty bad and asked me to get off the line.
I knew what it was as soon as I turned the wheel.
 I was leaking ATF (which BMW's use for power steering fluid).

So I jacked the car up and realized the steering rack was blown.
We turned the wheel side to side for about 20 minutes to drain the remaining fluid out. Once the fluid stopped dripping I put the boots back on and hit the track with no power steering. 

Thanks Brooke for being the designated steering wheel turner! haha

That's your boy rocking the wife beater with the army jacket on over it....swaaaaggg

So all in all it was a successful day, the front suspension mods felt great (especially with power steering)
And I was about to meet Dennis Hough who is the owner of Live Green Tea Hawaii. 

I completely ran out of tires and had to drive 2 and a half hours home on a corded tire...killin it.

Sometime around the install of the cage I pieced together a e46 control arm swap for the e30.
I ended up using e92 inner tie rods, e36 outer tie rods, and e30 m3 endlinks to make the setup work.
My car is basically a BMW frankenstein-mobile at this point.

Shout out to Zach Pepper for the awesome deal on the e46 arms!

I somehow managed to cut my leg pretty bad with a dremel while I was trimming down the inner tie rods to make it all fit. There's a picture of it, but its pretty gross so I won't be posting it. lol

At the Streetwise Drift End of Year Bash I talked to the guys at Intense Motorsports about how they were looking to put together a drift team for the 2013 season. I was having a good day and they were impressed with my driving. I told them I was interested in getting cage and they said they were willing to do whatever they could to get me to the next level. So a few weeks later I took the car over to the Intense Motorsports shop in Charlotte and Will Lynn started on my new Pro-Am legal roll cage...

This picture is super cool.

Door bars and dash bar in!

Me picking up the car from the shop...

Trying to figure out how to latch my new Simpson harness haha

Will did an awesome job on the cage. 
I can't thank Intense Motorsports enough for their support!


Well we're loooong over due for an update. So I'll just start posting a bunch of pictures to summarize what we've been up to the past couple of months....